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Why is the rainforest important?

Why do people cut down the rainforest?
People cut down the rainforest for supplies like paper and other things. They also need to make room for man made structures.

Why does it rain?

It rains for two reasons. One reason is that there is 100% humidity. The other is the reason it rains anywhere.

Why is the rainforest warm?
The rainforest is so warm because of were its located. Also because of the Green House effect.

Environmental issues

HYDROELECTRIC PROJECTS Humans are making man made stuctures that are cutting off wildlife food supplies and homes
Humans are burning down rainforests to put in factories and dams in lakes. This construction weakens the the Green House Effect and pollutes the air.


In rainforests there is lots of illegal poaching. There are endangered speshies and they use the fur, hides, meat, or tusks to sell for money.


Acid rain is expected to increase dramatically in the tropics in the coming years, also takes its toll on tropical forests. 15 percent of the world's remaining tropical forests may soon be affected by acid rain. Similarly, a vast area of forest will be adversely affected by UV-B radiation, should the ozone hole continue to expand.

What kind of animals live in the rainforest?

here are the some kinds of animals that live in the rainforest. there are

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